woensdag 15 november 2017

Conversation with Govert Viergever on his experiences with NeurOptimal® Advanced Braintraining

A conversation with Govert Viergever. This took place at the moment he and I got together to create closure on the project with him and NeurOptimal® . We have sat together for two hours, enjoying a good Bulletproof coffee, in Amsterdam on Nov.15th 2017. Hannie.

“I am definitely a big fan. NeurOptimal® has proofed itself as a fantastic brain training/ brain hacking system. The most important shifts I noticed happened within the first two months that I have been using the system. I noticed increased focus and concentration. Not only during our races and training, but also in my everyday life.

I noticed my mind was calmer, as if there was less ‘noise’ going on in my mind. Due to that, my inner creativity emerged, and, I re-gained access to ideas I used to have, as I thought they had disappeared over the years. To give you an example: I have always found lots of joy in creating small video-blogs on food and wellbeing. Those videos, some of them are over 10 years old, were funny and interesting for my fans. I still receive feedback on them, although I haven’t been creating new ones recently due to lack of inspiration. At this point, it has been over 7 weeks ago since my last session, my mind is still quiet, and I have been able to work out new ideas on how I would like to use my knowledge and experience in the future. I will not be rowing at this level anymore within 5 to 10 years. Tokyo, the Olympics, is my next goal. I have always dreamt of winning a gold medal at the games. After that, I would like to have a plan ready. My website is almost finished, I am ready to start my own business and see if I can inspire young people to live their dream and teach them how to take good care of their health and wellbeing.

Even now, even given the fact that my last good neuroptimal session took place over a month ago, I still enjoy the results and effects of my sessions. For that, I am grateful that I have been given the chance to work with NeurOptimal® and Hannie Ruinen. And, I am definitely in for more NeurOptimal® for athletes.

At this moment, our coaches decided to take apart the teams we were during this season. We are now all individual rowers. In January new teams will be formed, and I will ‘have’ three new boat mates that I have to get to know. And, we have to see if we can tie our energy together. Hannie explained to me, that it is possible to interconnect the hookups with more than just one person. The star-hookup makes sense to me as it comes to connecting energy. Both Hannie and I will explore the idea of doing a rowers-team intensive training during 3 days next season. I am really curious about the results and the experience of that, as well what it will be doing with me and my new team.

Our journey will continue....Thank you. Govert Viergever”

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  1. Prachtige feedback van Govert Hannie. Zo zie je maar weer hoe breed en effectief NeurOptimal kan worden ingezet. Een star- hookup in het voorjaar zal de geestjes synchroniseren en voor optimale teamvorming zorgen. Mooi!!

    1. Ja, ontzettend mooi dit hè? Bedankt voor je respons, Marijke.

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