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donderdag 8 maart 2018

Miracles happen, my small 'operation give back'

It was yesterday that I felt what a great thing we have here. I received a phone call earlier this week by a young man who insisted on seeing me for an appointment. So, we met yesterday. This is the story:


It was 9 years ago when I had been training a refugee from Iran. He had to leave his country to survive a terrible regime of Ayatollahs who did not allow his religion.

When I met him and his family, they had been in my county for 10 years already, having moved from one refugee camp to another, 5 times in 10 years. When they had left Iran, he took his wife and his 6 year oldest son, and his youngest son who was only 2 years old.


The man had been suffering from awful, severe PTSD as he had seen his family being murdered in front of his eyes...He was such a sad man, beaten down, not able to sleep.

I met him and his wife because they gave birth to a third boy, who became friends with my middle son, they were 6 years at that time. The kids wanted to play together, but, the mother asked me if they could be playing at my house/garden, as her husband was too ill to endure the kids. I asked what was wrong and then she told me the story of their life...She said that she had seen a tv program about neurofeedback, and she strongly believed that neurofeedback would be so helpful for her husband. But, as they had no income she thought that would never happen. And, she said, where can we find a person who would be able to offer it at all?


So, there I was, saying that such a person was in front of her. And, That I always have one free spot in my chair for PTSD-victims of war....


The short story goes that the man came in for sessions. He took over 30, but, he healed. It was a horrible journey, but, he kept going because he had faith in what he experienced. As they had no money to pay for the sessions, but insisted on doing something for me, I had numerous great meals together with them, and, his wife had been a graphic designer in Iran, so, she was, and is a great painting artist. So, she created two beautiful paintings for my practice!


Two days ago, a young man called me, insisting on seeing me. So, when we met yesterday, I immediately recognized him as my trainees oldest son, who is now a young father. He came because he would like to thank me in person that, because of his dad’s sessions, he and his brothers had a father. That his newborn daughter has a grandfather who now has a parttime job as a carpenter, has his own house, still has his marriage, and is having a fulfilling life. 


woensdag 15 november 2017

Conversation with Govert Viergever on his experiences with NeurOptimal® Advanced Braintraining

A conversation with Govert Viergever. This took place at the moment he and I got together to create closure on the project with him and NeurOptimal® . We have sat together for two hours, enjoying a good Bulletproof coffee, in Amsterdam on Nov.15th 2017. Hannie.

“I am definitely a big fan. NeurOptimal® has proofed itself as a fantastic brain training/ brain hacking system. The most important shifts I noticed happened within the first two months that I have been using the system. I noticed increased focus and concentration. Not only during our races and training, but also in my everyday life.

I noticed my mind was calmer, as if there was less ‘noise’ going on in my mind. Due to that, my inner creativity emerged, and, I re-gained access to ideas I used to have, as I thought they had disappeared over the years. To give you an example: I have always found lots of joy in creating small video-blogs on food and wellbeing. Those videos, some of them are over 10 years old, were funny and interesting for my fans. I still receive feedback on them, although I haven’t been creating new ones recently due to lack of inspiration. At this point, it has been over 7 weeks ago since my last session, my mind is still quiet, and I have been able to work out new ideas on how I would like to use my knowledge and experience in the future. I will not be rowing at this level anymore within 5 to 10 years. Tokyo, the Olympics, is my next goal. I have always dreamt of winning a gold medal at the games. After that, I would like to have a plan ready. My website is almost finished, I am ready to start my own business and see if I can inspire young people to live their dream and teach them how to take good care of their health and wellbeing.

Even now, even given the fact that my last good neuroptimal session took place over a month ago, I still enjoy the results and effects of my sessions. For that, I am grateful that I have been given the chance to work with NeurOptimal® and Hannie Ruinen. And, I am definitely in for more NeurOptimal® for athletes.

At this moment, our coaches decided to take apart the teams we were during this season. We are now all individual rowers. In January new teams will be formed, and I will ‘have’ three new boat mates that I have to get to know. And, we have to see if we can tie our energy together. Hannie explained to me, that it is possible to interconnect the hookups with more than just one person. The star-hookup makes sense to me as it comes to connecting energy. Both Hannie and I will explore the idea of doing a rowers-team intensive training during 3 days next season. I am really curious about the results and the experience of that, as well what it will be doing with me and my new team.

Our journey will continue....Thank you. Govert Viergever”

maandag 12 juni 2017

Olympic Dutch Rower Trains His Brain With NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

Since March 2017 Neuro-Insight, Zengar Inc. and Govert Viergever, Dutch Olympic rower of TeamNL, have been working together. Viergever has trained his brain for 8 weeks, almost daily and shares his experiences with us. He will continue to train his brain, using our equipment. The experiences so far have been very positive. His concentration improved, and, anxiety and nervousness before and during races decreased. 
NeurOptimal® is an advanced neuro-technology that offers training to the brain, enabling it to function at its best. It’s mathematically designed to communicate directly with your central nervous system and has been called “the most effective bio-hack on this planet”. Note aside however, NeurOptimal® does have a long and verifiable history with over THREE MILLION HOURS of safe and effective usage, and it is celebrating its seventeenth year this year!

Thank you Govert for being so open, and, we wish you lots of succes this rowing season! 

zondag 11 juni 2017

How a NeurOptimal mom became a cliquemom as well

 Here is my story.... February 13th 2016 my daughter got struck by a CVA. Something clothed in her brain, and we were horrified by seeing her being half paralysed within a couple of seconds. The weeks that followed were intense. Our happy and clever girl had changed from am A+ student into a slow and silent girl within a moment. She kept repeating that she wanted to have a ukelele. At that moment we did not have a clue why, but, we bought her one. She could listen to mp3s all day, without any word or movement. Processing information was hard for her, and she was so tired....sooo extremely tired. Our worries were immensely you can figure that. After a month, half March or so, she told us she had learned to play a song on her new was I can't help falling in love with you...when we asked were she had heard the song, she said, on YouTube, Twenty One Pilots. So, we started watching it, as she played along. It was the only thing she could process at that time: music, especially from the band! After a couple of weeks she got accepted in a rehabilitation program. She had to work her body three times a week. And, had speech therapy as well. She also trained her brain with NeurOptimal neurofeedback. As I am working as a practioner myself, that was easy to facilitate. Riding her bicycle was difficult, but necessary (we live in The Netherlands, were everyone uses the bike to get from a to, it is a basic thing here that you need.....she kept practising and practising. One day I heard her play the piano! She had learned to play the piano, and, all the songs of twenty one pilots just came out of her hands. I was astounded by this. Then she asked if she could go to a concert and if I would buy her a ticket. In May she was recovering more and more, and, I managed to get my hands on tickets for the Emotional Roadtour in Düsseldorf Germany, in November. At that moment it seemed that it would take ages, and I was worried she would not feel well enough to go....that summer she learned all the lyrics by heart and she could sing along and rap with all the songs. September came, and I had begun to listen to the band as well, and I was amazed by the energy that grabbed me. I am a trained musician, keyboard playing and drumming mother, and it had been a long time ago since I had been caught by music like that. From that moment on I became a cliquemom, and, yes, we went to the concert, my girl was in the pit. It was a moment I will never forget. She became so much alive through  their music, and, she is still not completely well, but, she is ALIVE! So am I, and happy and proud of my girl. For all of you who sometimes feel you need a little bit of support, be proud yourself and find comfort in being part of this friendly group! For Josh and Tyler...thank you guys for sharing your creativity and great music. Now I am emotional.....and grateful. Haagje.

dinsdag 6 december 2016

Another child, another miracle but the cruelty of how society thinks in dis-orders

This happened two months ago, but, time just went by and I forgot about this miracle. Although, it might not be a miracle but a proof of stupidity, or a lack of real interest in kids with a neuropsychologist...Here is the story:

Last September I received a phonecall from a very worried mom who is an ex-client as well, very satified; 6 years ago home with burn-out. Intensive coaching and NeurOptimal with me brought her back on track. I went jobhunting with her, and she is still on the job she found back then... and, more important, she is still happy. 

She calls me because her son, 9 years old, is afraid to go to school. This fear started in January 2016, the week after the Holidays were over. Because he cries every morning, not wanting to get into the car to go to school, but always decides to go to school anyway, crying coming into the school, she decides to call me for help with NeurOptimal...big troubles! 

So, school asked the parents to have the child tested. (Not asking why this behavior is happening???!). The neuropsychologist tests him and diagnoses him with autism spectral disorder and a possibility to bi-polarity, and on top of that an IQ of 85...!!!! "OMG!",  was my 1st reaction. 

I asked the mom if she signed the diagnose. She didn't, because she did not recognize her son in it (nor did the boys teacher). She got the bright idea to consult me :) I had met the boy when he was a toddler, when the mom was consulting me back then, and, if this would all be the case with this boy, then he would have had been in some kind of cruel accident and got braindamage! 

So, I sit down with the boy, and simply ask him what happened right after the 1st week at school after the holiday....He answers very clearly:
"That is a very good question. No one has asked this, but I can tell you. I am so afraid to go into the school, because I am afraid of the monsters coming back again. When the holidays were over, my parents thought I recovered completely from the flue, and, I wanted to be there at the first day in the new year, so I went to school. But then I started to feel sick again, felt I was very warm and then I saw all kinds of monsters attacking me. Then I became scared and cried. I just wanted to go home. Mom came to take me home, and I had a fever. But, the week after, when my flue was away, I remained scared. I feel scared everytime I have to go into the school."

I told him I completely understood what he was saying. I asked the mom if she knew it. Her answer was no! So, I suggested her to explain what fever can do with our minds and, that the brain sometimes fools us when we have a fever. 

This boy had a post-fever-trauma :) of Monsters Inc. I told him this, and then he laughed. Then, one NeurOptimal session. The next evening a happy mom drops me an email. The kid went to school with no problem. The teacher could not believe it....and, they have the kids IQ suddenly went up to 126, which suits him so much more!

If it were the neuropsychologists decision, he would now have been drugged...A really big thing and example of un-interested professionals....A miracle for the kid. 

He came back another 4 times, because he likes the sessions. He has grown into such sweet self-confidence! These kids are the cherry on my cake in my work as a NeurOptimal Neurofeedback practitioner. 

maandag 5 september 2016

Touched by an angel during a NeurOptimal session

Touched by an angel during a NeurOptimal session

This is a genuine story that happened in my private practice Neuro-Insight only last April 2016.

How does the story go? Well, let me start the story where it began…
In December 2015 I received a call for help with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback (what else…?) from a 51 year old lady who hadn’t been able to sleep well since 2007. As she had been telling me, without any significant reason. Let me tell you, as an experienced coach and NeurOptimal trainer, I was sure that something must have happened in that year, and, I also knew that the lady would tell me within 10 sessions.
She appeared to be a very hard working person with lots of interests in doing things, and in other people. She is the kind of person who would take everyones’ crap on her shoulders including her own, trying to solve and help in the same order. She also told me she was oversensitive to smell, sounds and so on….. During four weeks she took  four sessions, and, after the fourth sessions she reported she noticed she could sleep 5 hours without waking in between. For her, that was an major breaktrough. After the 7th session, she walked in happily because she had been able to say ‘no’ to a questions that came from work. She said no to working late for a collegue who was ill. During her 8th NeurOptimal session she started to cry, it just happened. She couldn’t stop. I handed her tissues, without asking or saying anything, just allowing this to happen. You see, as a NeurOptimal trainer I just know that things will be emerging, and, this was definitely happening at that particular moment….

After the session the lady asked me if she could share what had happened. So she did….”You see, Hannie, today, exactly at this hour, it has been 7 years ago since my brother passed away in an accident. And, I never realized it, but now I see that I have been feeling that I was robbed from my brother that day. I never had the chance to say goodbye to him, and I miss him immensely…During the session I could smell his presence, I could feel his touch and I heard him saying that he is alright, and that this is the time for me to let go my feelings of guilt and go on with my life, exploring my gift of being a sensitive person.” “I was touched by an angel, who is my brother.” Thank you for that, as if I hadn’t had these NeurOptimal sessions with you, I am sure this would never, ever have happened.”

Hannie Ruinen

maandag 9 mei 2016

#AskSonia about her 20th NeurOptimal Session

We see miracles happen. Follow Sonia, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer. Due to her illness, she became less joyfull in life and had to take lots of medications. She had 20 NeurOptimal sessions so far, and, she has brightened up so much! Yes, we see miracles happen every day. Being a NeurOptimal practitioner allows you (me) to whitness these miracles almost every day. Thank you Sonia and her son Craig Walker for making this video available.